Razingrim Ouedraogo

Razingrim Ouedraogo is currently working with the International Union for Concervation of Nature (IUCN) as Senior Programme Officer of the Global Drylands Initiative. His domaine of expertise extends to natural ressource Governance, ecosystem management and conservation. He has a great experience and knowelge in rangelands and pastoralism. He coordinated at one time the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP) and currently engaged in global inititves related to rangelands and pastoralism. He contritubed to various high level policy dialogues and publications on rangelands and pastoralism. 
Prior to joining IUCN, Razingrim worked with various local and International NGOs and private sector and has about 10 years of experience in sustainable development. His educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Ethic and Governance with specialization in Economic Ethics and Sustainable Development, and a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy.