Pascal Canfin

Former French Minister Delegate for Development, Pascal Canfin is Director General of WWF France. He is also member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.
A graduate of Political Science at Newcastle University, Pascal Canfin began his career as a journalist with Alternatives Economiques, where he specialized in  corporate social responsibility, before being elected to the European Parliament. In the European Parliament from June
2009 to May 2012, then from May to July 2014, he negotiated several legislative projects on financial reform.
In May 2012, Pascal Canfin was appointed as Minister Delegate for Development in the French government. 
As Minister for Development, he intends to "make sustainability an imperative for French development policy". To do so, he changes the policies of project financing of the French Development Agency and gives strongly supports the development of the first parliamentary bill which will focuses on on development and international solidarity.
During the Cop 21's preparations, Pascal Canfin was the Senior Climate Advisor for the World Resources Institute (WRI) and co-chaired the Commission for Innovative Climate Finance set up by the President of the Republic of France.