Kristen Walker Painemilla

Kristen Walker Painemilla ( Moderator) is the Chair of the IUCN Commission on Environment Economics and Social Policy  (CEESP) and Senior Vice President for the Center for Communities and Conservation at Conservation International. As, Chair of (CEESP) since 2016, Kristen provides institutional leadership and comprehensive technical assistance on a range of international policy and social issues along with 1200 experts. The commission promotes research and policies to balance nature conservation with socioeconomic and cultural concerns. Throughout her career, Kristen has led efforts in the conservation community to engage indigenous peoples and local communities more effectively in conservation through a human rights-based approach.  
She is the author of the book "Indigenous Peoples and Conservation: From Rights to Resource Management," drawn from her years of experience working with indigenous peoples"  Expertise: Biodiversity, climate change, sustainable development, social policy, indigenous peoples and communities, rights based approaches, social safeguards and equity, gender, livelihoods and protected areas.