Concha Salguero

Concha Salguero was born in Cáceres, in the region of Extremadura (Spain) and has a first degree in law and master’s degrees in International Commerce and on International Economic Law. She has been working in environmental law and policy since 1992, first in Spain as an environmental legal adviser to industry, and later at EU level for different organizations on water, natural resources, agriculture and rural development issues. In 2004 she became the environmental representative in two European Commission Advisory Groups. From 2009-2012 she worked in the UK for various organizations, amongst other topics, on EU Fisheries Policy reform. Currently she lives in Madrid and works as a Project Coordinator for the NGO Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza, within the M6 Cultural Landscapes Group supported by MAVA Fundation.  

Currently Concha´s work is focused on the support and promotion of pastoralism as key to maintain unique cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean such as dehesas/montados. Another main work focus is on policies that favour or impact on the conservation of natural resources and rural development, especially the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). She is also part of international initiatives on gender and biodiversity in pastoralism such as the 'OneSquare Meter' Project, and on global pastoral initiatives such as Road lessTravelled. She also works on communal governance issues and is a Steering Committee member of Iniciativa Comunales.