70 years of IUCN

IUCN is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 and, as it was founded in Fontainebleau, we are happy to host this event to celebrate the Union at its birth place.
With growing momentum to meet ambitious global goals, the wind toward sustainable development is finally at our backs. But there is no time to lose. Species are going extinct at alarming rates. Climate change is threatening communities, economies and the ecosystems on which they depend. No one government or organisation can correct humanity’s course alone.
The world needs IUCN’s diverse and powerful Union and its 70 years of experience, vision and impact more than ever. Join us in Fontainebleau to celebrate IUCN and discuss the future of landscapes and building a new relationship for humans and nature
The event will focus in particular on the future of cultural landscapes, including the places that have been created through agricultural, pastoralist and sacred use.  It will address the shifts in thinking, policy, practice and financing that are necessary to secure conservation of nature and benefits for people in a time of rapid change.  
Issues include how to create agricultural and pastoral economies that not only meet needs for food, but protect biodiversity and support cultural practices that have shaped the biodiverse landscapes valued by so many people.  The event will also address the experience of indigenous peoples in securing protection and conservation of the cultural, natural and spiritual values of their territories, and also the leadership role of communities of faith in landscape conservation.